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Production of Cold Room Doors

Unifrigo has started producing the insulated cold room doors almost at the same time with panel production.
In the Door manufacture we use sophisticated machinery. For the final touches we use the industry toughest elements for joint and supports.
Therefore, with the final look, the use and the function of our insulated doors we are ahead in this field.

Panel Production

With our experience and acquired knowledge in the four decades of our development, We from Unifrigo company can freely say that we can offer on the market the PUR Insulated Panels with best Price/Quality ratio.

Cooling Equipment Manufacture

Unifrigo has always been on a forefront of the global trends in case development of the Cooling Systems, and therefore we offer on the market our own Cooling Equipment that is produced under all active standards from the stand points of the: industry, economy and ecology.
The Cooling Equipment at the same time satisfies the specific customer\'s needs according the: quality, budget, and the range of work temperatures the client needs to meet.